Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Heather & Erik are MARRIED!

More pics to come later, but the short version is -- Heather and Erik's wedding was the best!  So much love, so much fun! 
I still cannot believe they are married and this is all over! 

Mani /Pedi's for the girls! 

Hair done! 

Erik's gorgeous flowers for his bride

En Route to becoming Mr. &  Mrs. 

Waiting for his bride (photo by K. Dearborn)

Mother and Uncle of the Bride  (photo by K. Dearborn)

A proud father walks his little girl to her soon to be husband
 (photo by K. Dearborn)

"Nothin' can ever change the love
I have for you"
 (photo by M.Zapata)

MOH and IT supervisor

Best Man and the best make up artist / friend to have around! 

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