Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Latest News

First and foremost : I'm on the Crossfit bandwagon, and I think I love it.  [read about it on the workout blog]

On to the fun stuff --  An adorable new addition! 
Scott's brother and sister in law have a new baby - Eric Connor Vollono, who is super sweet, and so handsome ! 
Congratulations to the new parents, older sister, grandparents and Vollono Family ! (Call me when you need a babysitter!) :) 

For the weekend: Red Sox opening day! A friend asked me to go to the game Friday afternoon at Fenway, and I'm hoping the weather will be great for it! It will be a nice ease into a weekend with Scott coming to visit, and hanging out with our friends Lauren and Jerry. 

Next up: trip to CA !! Heather and I have a busy Friday of getting things together for the wedding which is coming up SO FAST! Then, we have the Napa bachelorette 4/21 with her west coast friends, and I am back home Monday. 

CHEERS to the bride and groom, the bachelorette weekend, and a fun spring! 

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