Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Merry Christmas!! The holidays came so quick, and just like that - were over again.

Friday - we went to a Mad Men themed Christmas party at our friend Jon's apartment in Hartford.

me & Kat. Jealous she got her hair so high !

Christmas Eve - stopped by Grandma & Grandpa's - and thankfully, the lady was guarding the manger as she has for the past 30+ years. 

Then, we went to lunch for Mom's bday

Later that night - it was time for the dinner/ party at Scott's parents.

Scott Dressed like Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation

complete with the moose glass

Sue made a delicious cake

There was so much food! 

Singing happy birthday to the December bday's - Mom, Dad, Brian and Benny

Christmas Day - we opened presents with the Vollono's

Scott got a metal detector, just like he wanted! 

Rudy wanted to hang out on my lap

Abby LOVES Christmas, it tired her out!

Ozzy loves his toy

We had dinner at my parents - starting with a Cheese Tree

The guys had clams

Strawberry Santa hats! 

Sweet tie! 

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