Sunday, May 8, 2011

MS Bike 2011 - the actual ride

MS bike is one of my FAVORITE weekends ! This year we opted for the 100k vs the 50k . 
Ok 100k (60 miles) was a bit ambitious, seeing that I just got a road bike 3 weeks prior, and DID NOT train enough (at all) prior. However, my friends were great (didn't train a lot either) and stuck with me! The day was colder than we thought but the PB&J, Gel packs/Gu packs and Rest stops made it work! I felt really badly that I was holding everyone up going kind of slow - but they assure me that they were happy at that pace too. It was a fun ride. I'm excited for 2012, when I'll be more used to my bike and actually train! 
Also - they overshot their measurement of the 100k so we ended up at about 65 miles. Oops! 

Gu and resting

Struggling up a hill

Ready to ride

relaxing the day prior

Um, hyperextended elbows much?

Road Surfers ready to go! 

Day after, we can still sit down! 

We finished! 

Goody bags - Kangaroo on a bike

Lori is PUMPED

our whole team

Goody bag - elephant on a bike

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