Thursday, June 3, 2010


Memorial day weekend has come and gone, bringing with it the unofficial start of summer. 

The weekend was pretty low key but really fun. I had my camera, but didn't take any pictures. I regretted that on Sunday, when I realized I had none to share :(
Friday : Delicious dinner at Half Moon. It is a cute restaurant that is BYOB, and has wait staff, but you order at the counter. Appetizer : Black bean soup and then Pineapple with prosciutto and mozzarella cheese, with balsamic vinegarette drizzled on top. YUM. Then we had the Margherita pizza and brought our own red wine. We went home and attempted to watch Back to the Future, but SOMEONE fell asleep, and tried to deny it. (that might have been me.) *Oh wait, maybe that was Saturday? I can't remember.
Saturday : Enjoyed breakfast at That Other Place and then sat on the deck for a bit. We were supposed to head to the Gouveia Vineyard  with Scott's brother and sister in law, but plans changed, so I got a pedicure, while Scott did random house chores. Then made some food to meet up with his family at his Grandmother's campsite at Riverdale in Clinton, CT.  As we pulled in, I saw Angela Catapano, and later met up with her parents (my godparents) as well! Small world!
Sunday: Attempted (mountain) Trail biking. It was tough. I didn't exactly have the breakfast of champions (Waffle cereal) and didn't feel good after the 4 mile bike to Tyler Mill. I will attempt it again, but think my bike needs a tune up and maybe some tread-y tires ? Later that day we brought some Archie wings to a picnic @ my parents. It was also low key - my parents and grandparents and Scott. My parents are contemplating a trip in the fall to NH with my Grandparents, so I was showing them the wonders of  on the internet which is probably a cheaper/better option for the trip they want to have. Back at Scott's we attempted Back to the Future Part 2. Again, the sun and few drinks took their toll on me and I was out like a light! Of course, when Scott asked, I denied being asleep. Why, no idea.
Monday: No plans! We enjoyed the sun on the deck and I drove home at some point. Oh wait, around 4 we attempted Back to the Future 3. I never got to the part where they were in the old west. I fell asleep waaay before then. *
Excellent weekend. 

*I love the BTTF trilogy. I love MJFox. Really, it was the sun, drinks, and comfy couch! 

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