Thursday, March 4, 2010


I know, I wanted to blog more in 2010. I got distracted.
What did I even do in February??
- Jury Duty - Sat in the courtroom for a while, didn't get picked, was released by noon, and am clear for 3 yrs!
- Dinner w/ the Mead's and Vollono's: Fantastic food, and a few fun rounds of Taboo. . that game is hilarious because of the random stuff you say without thinking!
- Jen came to MA to visit! We watched some Olympic opening ceremonies, played some trivia on Playstation, and saw Valentines' Day.
- NYC for work - We shot some food photography at the same studio that films Gossip Girl and 30 Rock. It was a fun few days, but loooong hours. We had great dinners at Josie's and Dos Caminos. 
- Work: Is changing. One of my co workers is moving on to a new company, so that means changes and shifting of responsibilities on our team. I think it will be good, and I will get to do a bunch more stuff that I want to do. I know there will be a few rough weeks while we figure out who is doing what, but it's manageable.
- Early B-day Celebration - Lion King, Legal Sea Food, and the Harry Potter exhibit at the Museum of Science!

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