Thursday, October 15, 2009


Ok so I have t-mobile. They are the best price for what I need(ed) on my phone at the time. My faves - so you have unlimited calls to 5 people you talk to between 7a and 7p, then reasonable price for the remaining minutes. No internet (I have a blackberry for work so I can access it that way). Well the poor little samsung is dying. (it looks similar to the pic to the left) 
Yesterday, I close the slider, and the screen slowly faded to white. Ummmm not ok. Then it rang. Screen = white. Now if the slider is closed the screen will be white. No idea who is calling. So if I don't pick up- sorry ! When it becomes white, you have to open it, close it, let it fade to black/off and then slide it open to see anything. The end is near little buddy. time to move on to a tmobile phone w/ the internet. 

 YES I would LOVE to switch to AT&T and get the Iphone. Unfortunately - I have a bit left on the tmobile contract and I'm NOT paying the $175 to kill that relationship. Unless someone is upgrading their Iphone, wants to give me their old one for free - and then I will probably shell out the $ (that I don't have ) for the plan. 

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