Friday, February 6, 2009

Where do these dreams come from?

This morning I had a strange dream:
I came home from NY and the house was trashed. The living room had streamers and balloons as if there was a party. The pull out bed (w/ no mattress) was sticking up straight, and there was a big bowl of pasta under the couch. The dining room was purple and had different colored dressers lining the walls. The built in bookcase in the wall was gone and I was not happy about it. I went to the garage and someones boyfriend (but not any of my roommates or friend's actual boyfriend) was using a saw - I go - where is the bookcase? He goes, it's out here. I said, jen is ok w/ this? He said, she didnt want to start a fight.
I come back inside and Jen goes - the bookcase is in the garage. we had to put it back. it was there when we moved in and now that we're leaving we have to put it back. (In real life, this is not true)
Then my cousin kaitlin shows up w/ a cocker spaniel named Ralphie. Ralphie runs out into traffic / the street (which is busy and not the street my house is on) and we are yelling for him to come back. Suddenly ralphie turns into a 6 y/o girl on a bike weaving in and out of traffic. I start to walk away, and hit the button to unlock my car. Instead of my car it is a red and white striped Mini. Then I realize I have two sets of keys. I hit my button and my car is underground. Then my Uncle Tim, Kaitlin's dad - shows up and says, you have to wait. We're going into the city to get some bagels.
then I woke up.

ummm - what??

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Kay said...

Hahahahaha That's great! Those are the kind of dreams I always try to go back to sleep so I can finish them!