Sunday, February 23, 2014

Let's go to the movies!

If you have seen the movie Annie, you would have sung the title of this post! ha. Reference video below. 

Scott and I have quite a list of movies to see, and recently watched Gravity and Wolf of Wall St. 

I was NOT interested in this movie at all. I'm not opposed to Sci Fi, so I think I was just turned off by the thought of watching Sandra Bullock float in space for 1.5 hrs. But, a few minutes in, I was hooked. I get really annoyed when I can predict what will happen in a movie, but this one kept me on my toes. Just when you thought things were going to end one way - something you didn't expect happened. We saw it in IMAX 3D, but I don't think that would make or break the movie. The main thing is that you need to focus on the movie and not have any distractions, which would make it tough to watch at home where we are so inclined to be on our phones and computers ! 

Wolf of Wall Street: 
Everyone is raving about this movie, and I was not impressed. When someone asks what I thought of it, my first question is: Have you seen Goodfellas? Martin Scorsese took his format from Goodfellas and applied it again to Wolf of Wall St. From the main character talking directly to camera and narrates while cutting to scenes of all the debauchery that happened at this time to the way it ends - I felt like I was watching Goodfellas - the finance version. Jonah Hill was great in this movie, and played a pretty quirky character. Leo DiCaprio was good, but he played a pompous a-hole so I couldn't stand him throughout the film. Some scenes were done really well, but some were dragged out too long and were repetitive. We get it - they did drugs and partied a ton, then paid for it. Anyway - I don't really see this winning any awards but who knows. 

Winter Recap

We kicked off the New Year with good food and friends! We made pulled pork, jalapeno cheddar corn muffins, and enjoyed a variety of cheeses before we had some Guinness floats and beers to ring in 2014! 

We have gotten a TON of snow this year which everyone is well aware of and over it! The one nice thing is that we have a lot of places we can walk to, and then we get to see cute snow art like the heart in the playground above!

Scott got new glasses! After only wearing contacts for quite sometime, he went for a new set of frames. Doesn't he look so handsome? 

Parent visit
 My parents came up in January to see the musical Once, since we got my dad tickets for his bday. Their dog Shiloh stayed at our apartment overnight. Looks like she is perfectly comfortable coming up on our couch and relaxing! 

After the show, we had dinner at The Stockyard in Brighton. It was good, but not the best place I've ever been. I felt like it was a bit overpriced too. 

Local hangouts

One random Friday night, Scott and I stopped in at Patron's to play some pool. It was pretty empty for a Friday night, so I wonder if it gets busier later, or just isn't popular. I've only been here one other time, when it was named something else, on a bar crawl so I didn't have high hopes. It had some good beers, but I don't think I'd ever eat here. It was cool to have our own space / table, and to see the NY, New Haven, Hartford sign on the wall! 

Chili Cook Off

I'm not sure what people did before social media, because that is where I find all the cool things going on in town! ha. I saw a tweet about a chili cook off in Harvard Sq. so Scott and I checked it out on an unseasonably warm Saturday afternoon. 
All the local restaurants involved made very distinct and different chili - one had lamb, and one was a chili pizza! I thought Grafton St. bar should have won, but they were beat by the new restaurant on the block Beat Hotel. 

Snow Days

Winter has not been kind in terms of weather. We've had numerous early dismissals from work, and 2 official snow days where they closed the office. It was kind of fun to work from home with Scott, and run down to Subway for lunch before digging out our cars later that day. 

Our cars were not quite as buried but it was pretty close! Living in the city in a storm is the WORST. There are only a handful of people that shovel spots clean and well, instead of leaving lumps and piles of snow they just drive over. It makes it almost impossible to park later in the week when it all freezes over! Just the other day - I had to call Scott for help when my car got stuck on snow that was like sand! ugh. Is it spring yet?!