Monday, February 25, 2013

Boston weekend 2/22

Feb. 22 we were supposed to head to VT for the weekend. Sadly, the weather forecast was snowy especially in VT/NH so we had to change course. 

Scott came up Friday after work and we went to the Gallows for dinner, 
a delish gastropub in Back Bay


Weird art in the bathroom - Moustaches

and this weird dress was on the wall in the bathroom too. so strange. 

Saturday we went to brunch near Davis Sq and
 walked past this funny Nutcracker at Q's Nuts

Yummy brunch at M3 in Somerville

Later that day we went to Charlestown to the USS Constitution museum.  
It had a model ship exhibit with really intricate model ships.

These are so small - they are inside a lightbulb! 

mini ships in bottles

Scott pretending to be part of the scenery

Later that night we met up with our friends Lauren & Jerry for
 dinner and a few drinks for a nice low key weekend.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

SF weekend 2/8 - 2/10

Since I was in CA over the weekend, I headed up to SF to see Heather, Erik & Evie! We went to Berkeley to check out their new apartment (still potential at the time) and roamed around the neighborhood. 

Cheese shop! So many options

Sunday we went for a walk at Holly Park. It was such a nice day - so happy to be in the sun instead of digging out on the east coast!

Before I went back, we made a pasta dinner. I've never made or had homemade pasta before, it was DELISH! 

mix up the flour

press it through the kitchen aid attachment

Enjoy cheesy garlic bread

hold the pressed dough while Erik changes the attachment

Look adorable and pretend to help

using the fettucini attachment, make pasta! 

After dinner we celebrated Evie's bday with a crown and a few gifts

Happy weekend! 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

NYE weekend

For New Years' we headed up to Bath, NH with our friends to celebrate! 
The house we rented had trails on site for snowshoeing, and we drove out to Bretton Woods to try out Cross Country Skiing! 

XC Skiing was tiring!! When we got there it was about 9 degrees per the car. With windchill, probably -something wonderful. For $40 we took a lesson and got rental skis for use for the day. After the lesson we met up with Lauren and Jerry for a run through the woods. 


Lauren, Helga, Scott taking pics at Bretton Woods figuring out our next move

View from the house

Scott and Jerry racing in snow shoes

Lauren & Jerry

the house

cheese plate

cheesy snack

Whiskey Shot! 


Games and waiting for the new year

The house lacked cable so we made our own ball to drop! 

Lauren and her friend Helga

Lauren and Jerry ringing in 2013

ironically there was a bowl labeled Jerry's popcorn, which we filled with Chex Mix

fave drink of the weekend


Scott dropping the 2013 ball