Sunday, October 30, 2011

Labor day @ the Cape

A bunch of us met at the Cape for Colleen's 30th birthday. It was a fun weekend, in a gorgeous house. I had so much fun, I forgot to take pictures! 

Scott and Kevin playing frisbee by the pool

adorable Lyla with a birthday crown upside down on her head

beach day


Summer Recap: Camping! 
Scott and I went camping around the date of our 2 yr anniversary (awwwww.) 

Hammonnasset beach

Cute little cricket in my bike 

Fabulous tent, Thanks Dad! 

Coffee on the grill

more beach time

it's hot. time for a swim, or some drinks

drinks and cooking

Whisky tasting

Summer recap: whisky tasting with Lauren and Jerry!

For Jerry's bday last year, Lauren bought him a whisky tasting. With the tasting, he was able to keep a number of whisky's for himself. We went over, had dinner and tasted a bunch of different types!

Bartender Jerry

I liked none of these. I'm not a whisky girl! I took mine with ice,
 and dumped half of them out.

Random summer weekends

Summer Recap: Random summer weekends

Mustaches at Magouns brunch

Looks just like The Big Lebowski

Really - it is Lanes and Games


Fun but Awful day of bowling! 


Summer recap: Lobsterfest
In July - we convened in Milford for Lobsterfest ! Lauren, Kevin and Lyla came down and hung out the night before, and were ready for the fest Saturday! It was SO HOT, we were sweaty messes. We didn't even last til the end 
The line, after 4:30p