Sunday, May 8, 2011


I watched Tangled tonight 

Whoops! Wrong photo. hahaha. Heather and Erik totally look like the characters in Tangled! Evie would make a good 'Maxiumus' as well. 

Seriously though, it was a cute movie and not over the top Disney sweet/predictable storyline. I mean, clearly you knew they'd end up together, and she'd be reunited w/ the fam, but still - it had some good twists and turns. 

Sunny Sunday

Scott and I went biking today from the Bike path that starts in Somerville to the Arlington/Minuteman Bike path that goes to Bedford.
Overall- I think we did about 22-25 miles. Scott was on my old school hybrid bike which is a LOT more work than a road bike. 
He won't forget to find his bike rack and bring his own bike!  

beautiful path in cambridge

post bike lunch at the Burren in Davis Sq
The hot wings were spicy! 

 We made a new friend! Roscoe - an American Staffordshire Terrier. He was with his owner who joined us on the patio for food and drinks! Roscoe was SO CUTE and so sweet. He is 1yr old.

Rain Delay

I took Scott to his first Sox / first MLB game Saturday. Sadly, there was a rain delay after the 3rd inning, til 4pm. :( 

Waiting inside til the rain stops

with everyone else.

Take 2.

Sox beat the Twins 4-0

MS Bike 2011 - the actual ride

MS bike is one of my FAVORITE weekends ! This year we opted for the 100k vs the 50k . 
Ok 100k (60 miles) was a bit ambitious, seeing that I just got a road bike 3 weeks prior, and DID NOT train enough (at all) prior. However, my friends were great (didn't train a lot either) and stuck with me! The day was colder than we thought but the PB&J, Gel packs/Gu packs and Rest stops made it work! I felt really badly that I was holding everyone up going kind of slow - but they assure me that they were happy at that pace too. It was a fun ride. I'm excited for 2012, when I'll be more used to my bike and actually train! 
Also - they overshot their measurement of the 100k so we ended up at about 65 miles. Oops! 

Gu and resting

Struggling up a hill

Ready to ride

relaxing the day prior

Um, hyperextended elbows much?

Road Surfers ready to go! 

Day after, we can still sit down! 

We finished! 

Goody bags - Kangaroo on a bike

Lori is PUMPED

our whole team

Goody bag - elephant on a bike

MV 2011

April 30 - MS Bike the Vineyard 2011. 
Ferry ride over

For mom - Shirley Temple movie? 

Oak Bluffs

Celebration after the ride was complete ! Champagne and Lori biting Jen.

our rental house - Belledune

I think Three Tomatoes in Burlington got their wine jugs here!

Delish iced coffee

Vineyard Haven