Monday, August 30, 2010


A few weeks ago, Scott and I bought cheeses for cheese & crackers one night that we grilled. At this local store near his house, we found a tomato basil cheese. It was SOO good. This weekend, I found one in Stop and Shop! Cabot makes one, and it is fantastic on a turkey sandwich!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


I hate wasting early sunday afternoon in a laundromat. :(
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

HP in real life

I'm working on a project to create a new system for our team and the field to work out media selections. One of the vendors working on it is named Rita, and every time I think "Rita Skeeter" that nosy, ridiculous reporter in Harry Potter.
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Social cues

Apparently you can post to blogger by emailing your site, if you set it up. If this works, then I did it right! 

What happened to people understanding social cues? If you are on the phone, clearly you cannot have a conversation with someone standing in front of you. Or, if there is a pause in the conversation, and someone walks away, the conversation is over. Or, if you are eating breakfast at your desk, and answering emails, then maybe you don't have time to hear random stories about how your co workers husband is still at home sleeping and not at work because he fell asleep playing Xbox. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

4th weekend

Scott came up to Boston for the 4th. We attempted fireworks in the city but it was so crowded, we left before it started! I was glad to be home to watch, rather than fighting a million sweaty, pushy people. 

The next day we went to the Charlestown Navy Yard. It was SO HOT. But we went to the USS Constitution museum, and on the boat!

Navy ship in town for the weekend.

Every white dot is a jelly fish! 


USS Constitution

New fave bar. They have Philly Cheesesteak spring rolls!

Lake Pawtuckaway

In June, we went camping with Jen, Colleen, Emmett, Lori, Beth, and Emmett's friends - Ben, his gf Erica and their friend Mike. We had great spots right on the lake, which we kayaked and floated out on, enjoying beer, and tethering to each other. Can't wait to go back next year! 

beautiful sunset

Jen has a headlamp

Erica found a frog

Sweet sites right on the lake! Maguires enjoy it.

Aw, Emmett- you should have known better than to fall asleep! Your wife is sneaky.

From FB - relaxing in the lake

Colleen feeds ducks Cheez Its. 


Since Blogger got blocked at work, I'm a slacker. Many postings to follow!